Well hello!  I thought it would be a good time to start a blog since we are HAVING A BABY! Yes, after being married for 4 whole months, we are finally pregnant.  We decided to tell my side of the family first, since we were getting together for Dave and Jenni's birthday party.  Guy got his camera out and wanted to take a family photo and said, "Everybody say, Kelsey's pregnant!"  So Dave says, "Kelsey's pregnant"  and everyone is just smiling happily in their original poses as if we didn't say something crazy.  Then everyone finally clued in and we took a few more photos :)

The next night is when we told the Gibbons, and it worked a little better than the night before.  The picture should explain everyone's reactions.  Lucie's face (my mother-in-law) is priceless.  Love it.

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