Can I just say how much I love my in-laws?  They are amazing.  I can't believe how blessed I was to marry into such a wonderful family.
With that preface, let me just say how much we adore Beebs.
We love her.
She is our best friend.
We kind of are obsessed with her.
(e.g. we basically have no lives when she goes on vacation)

SO - anyways, we had a wonderfully fun night with Aubrea and we gave little Roka a bath.  She was so sweet and aunt Beebs helped and washed her hair.  Roka was being so funny staring at herself in the mirror!!  She loved it!

(this is what Roka looked like staring at herself in the mirror)
We made a terrible decision to watch The Parent Trap.  Basically it was so amazing, that we had to watch THE PARENT TRAP 2  (yes, it exists) and it is the most terrible thing in the entire world.

I can't even believe the message of this film we watched!  Terrible, terrible, terrible!  Seriously, don't ever watch it, EVER.

 We were laughing so so hard.  

Also, we want Megan and Luke to re-do the film, since the man has brown hair and the lady is a blondie.  LOVE THAT IDEA!

anyschmoo, don't watch PT2 :)

Happy Birthday, Me!  I am 23 years old.  I think.  I am getting so old that I can't even remember what age I am - this is my formula for figuring out my age :  take the year it is (2013) and the last number of the year is the last number of my age.  I KNOW i'm in my 20's, therefore, I am 23.
Easy Schmeezy!
Too bad I even have to do that to know how old I am.
SO - I HAVE THE COOLEST HUSBAND.  Take a look at these decorations he did BY HIMSELF!
He is cute.
I love Him.
Did I mention green is my favorite color!
This is what I woke up to.  Lots of presents!  He is a little sneak, because we weren't supposed to buy presents.  

I had the best day ever, and I even ran into Tammy (used to watch her CUTE CUTE girls) at the movie theatre.  We were going to go see the Hobbit, but we were a little late and the line was SO SO SO SO SO long I couldn't even believe it, so we just rented some movies and went home!  It was so fun.  The older I get, the more I just don't need things for myself.  All I really want is time with my family.
I'm SO gald we finally have the internet.  We got to FaceTime with my parents and it is always so good to see them.
It is so hard to have your family in another state!  We miss them so much!  I'm so glad that I had a wonderful day though, thanks to my sweet husband.  I love him so much!

 Happy Valentine's Day!  Guy and I decided not to get any presents for each other since we got a really expensive gift for Christmas :)  Our sweet Roka!  It was seriously the best though.  I just love spending time with my husband, that's all I ever want!

Miss Roka was VERY talkative today, she was cracking me up.  She seriously was talking all day long.  Here she is:

So, Roka and I went to the Pediatrician to find out that Roka now weighs 10.2 lbs.  She is chunkin up!  She is growing so fast.  She got some shots today, which was the saddest thing of my life.  I've never seen her so sad!  I even asked the nurse lady if all babies scream this much.  Thankfully (but sadly), she said yes.  Roka slept for much of the day after that!  

The day before was her 2 month birthday.  Here's what she looks like at 2 MONTHS!

Sooo - Guy, his dad, and Michael went to the N.A.M.M show this year!  Pretty awesome stuff, but they left some lonely girlies at home.  It's ok though since we just had cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy all night long while watching Romantic Comedy's (don't worry, Roka already loves them.  She even "cooed" at the kissing scene)!

This is Al Schmidt with the boys

Here are some awesome piano's Guy saw!  They are amazing!  Take a look :

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