Did I mention how much I LOVE to teach piano?  I love seeing things click and my students being able to read music better and progress!  I wish I could teach all day long.

I am getting SO PREGNANT!!!!
31 Weeks and 4 days pregnant (today)

Guy claims I don't look pregnant from behind, so he took a picture to show me. - I definitely don't look like what I used to, let's just say that (been packin on the lbs! 21 to be exact).
(I just really love those cute boots Guy bought me on our honeymoon last year!)

This week has already been awesome.  For those who don't know, I get the opportunity to watch 4 little girls (usually not at the same time due to school and such) most week days.  They are SO SO cute.  I've been getting to spend some extra time with Olivia (2nd oldest) since Ava goes to school later, Sophie naps, and Ivy usually is just a sleepin' cute baby.  Olivia has been telling me the most AMAZING stories such as how vampires exist and where they came from.  Apparently, they are from Farmington, Utah.  They come from a different "Earth."  It was WAY more elaborate than that, I just don't remember it because it was making zero sense.  Amazing I tell you.  I get to hear awesome stories like this every day.  

             This is on Family Night (Monday) about to go sing for a family (friends of the Gibbons).

Today we had our Dr. Appointment!  Listen to this . . . our appointment was set for 3:30, and we didn't see the doctor until 5:15!  We got to the office at 3:10 - 3:15 ish, so we literally WAITED for two hours to see our doctor (by the way, the office closes at 5 so there wasn't even anyone there except for us). All she personally did was check our baby's heartbeat which takes about two seconds, so let's just say that didn't make me very ecstatic to be waiting that long for a two second thing.  This same thing happened last go 'round, so we're going to get a midwife in SLC.  Highly recommended :)  We're so excited to finally be taken care of!

 I got a flu shot today, along with Guy, and it was a lot better than I thought.  Just a quick little poke, and then it was done!  Thank goodness!  Apparently, when I get the flu shot, it enters my blood stream and my baby's bloodstream, so she essentially is getting the flu shot without having to actually get it (which is good because she won't be allowed to have one when she's born anyways . . . too tiny and cute!).

I can't even wait to have our baby girly.  We currently don't know what to name her!!!!! AHHH!!!!  We are going through names like crazy.  We can't talk about names without joking how hilarious it would be naming our child names like such as:

 - Lieutenant Santa Claus Gibbons
 - Kuy (pronounced like Bon Qui Qui) Gibbons
 - Jumbalaya Gumbo Gibbons (classic)
 - Guy (french pronunciation) Buttersnaps Gibbons
 - Shoelace Gibbons
 - Robama Gibbons
 - Garbagecan Gibbons
 - Eugenia Olga Gibbons
We can't get through a "what shall we name our baby" conversation without a name like this coming up and then us laughing about how amazing that would be, then the conversation ends without any groundbreaking.


                                                                     30 WEEKS

So... I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant today.  I thought to myself that I should probably post my 30 week picture before I am 31 weeks( which will be in 2 days :)  so...   here it is!  (30 week mark was last saturday)

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