Sorry for the Les Mis reference...  There doesn't seem to be much to say at the moment-So I'll be brief.

Last night for family night Kelsey and I went down to Sugarhouse Movies 10 (The Dollar Theatre) to see the avengers. We went early for fears of not getting tickets. After purchasing the tickies we went to Nordstrom Rack to see what was seeable. While there we found a really cute shirt that was just Kelsey's size :) It's kind of a deep coral rose/lipstick color. After that we went to get some dessert at TCBY frozen yogurt. Those frozen yogurt joints are a dime a dozen.

(Above is NOT a picture of what we ate, but of Kilee's infamous cup of yogurt at Sweet Cece's, amazing.)

 We went to the movie and enjoyed ourselves. T'was a good family night to be sure. After zat we were feeling "sicky-sicky parm parm" (ten bucks to the person who names that reference). When we got home Kelsey gave me the best neck-back-scalp rubbin I ever had... I slept like a sleeping baby.

That's it. I quit for tonight. Bye!!!

This morning Kelsey and I had a primary program run through for the primary program tomorrow. Kels and I teach the cute CTR 4 class. Every single kid in that class cracks us up. We've got kids that can flare their nostrels upside down-kids that have "petted a dinosowe"-and kids that start their prayers by saying "Dearly Beloved." Do I even need to say that primary is amazing in our ward?
   This morning's program run through was no exception. One little girl did not want to sing, but instead wanted to stare at me and chat it up for a good long while. She would look forward for a moment and then turn her head 180 degrees to stare for a while longer. She is the girl who has "petted a dinosowe" and is having a birthday party soon and LITERALLY "EVWEEONE in the wowed is invited."
   Later during the program Kelsey spotted a classic. One of the boys in our class was having a hard time paying attention, but that's not news- what really got our attention was the fact that he had his shorts on backwards. He was being really fidgety, and we couldn't figure it out, until Kels noticed the poor blokes britches. I leaned over and told Kelsey that there is no way that he is comfortable right now. We decided not to say anything because we didn't want to draw attention to it. We figured that his mom (the primary chorister) would notice and take care of it.

This picture is of the three kids in our class that made it to the program run-through today as well as two kids from the class just younger than ours. The three on the left half are in our class. the other two are so funny and cute.

Also! Kelsey started her third trimester today!!! We are super excited and grateful that so far things have been going so well. Well I will surely have more to post later depending on the outcome of the Utah-BYU game. GO COUGS!!!

So, yesterday we decided to FINALLY go to the Brigham City Temple open house since it will be over on Saturday!  We drove up with Barry & Lucie, Beebs, and met up with Luke & Megan's fam when we got to the temple.  So beautiful!!  Guy says it looks like a toy temple, but still is somehow huge on the inside!

We were able to listen to some people including Elder Holland (recording) who said the sweetest things about wanting to be with his wife and children for all eternity and how that is made possible with temples!

This temple BLEW ME AWAY with all the marble designs and just how beautiful it was.  Every temple is so incredible and amazing with every single detail.  This temple surely was no exception!

We of course went to MADDOX afterwards to eat yummy yummy food.  We even accepted the hour long wait just so that we could partake of the splendor! oh yum.  Brockton was being hilarious and said, "i'm ravous" (trying to say ravenous) and chomping his teeth/snorting as if he were an animal.  He is so stinkin cute.  We got to our cozy little table and ordered the hugest meals you could even think of. I can't believe how much food came with my meal!  and ... the rolls are DIVINE.  especially with the raspberry butter!! creme de la creme de la edgar!!! MMM!

We ( Guy, Aubrea and I) rapped about raccoons on the drive home.  It was getting late and we all needed lots of sleep :)  It was one of the most fun nights we've had in a long time!  It's amazing what the Lord can do when you let Him into your life :)

I thought I would post the latest photo of my sweet, beautiful, pregnant wife. She looks so cute with a big tummy! Our sweet baby is growing and havin' a party at least 3 times a day. voila, la photo. She is 27 weeks and two days Pregnant. What a babes! I'm in the photo too but I'm wearing an invisibility cloak that's a bit too short-you can see my shoes though.

I wanna blog and I wanna blog now!!! I find this blogging concept fascinating. A nice outlet perhaps.

There couldn't have been a better day for spending some time at "The Hill"- Cherry Hill to those who don't follow Farmington city's hip name's for local attractions (see to be got up to speed). Kels, myself, Dave and Aymee Callister and Co., and Luke and Megan Flinders' Fam all met up there today for some Grant's Gulchin', Dragon slidin', Pirates Cove-in' Fun. The Lazy River is by far my favorite part of "TH" (do I need to explain again? or are you getting hip?). It always end up me pushing Kels in her tube around a few hundred times until she says I can stop. When we get out my knees usually feel like they have caught a bad case of the arthritises. I don't think the water goes deeper than 3&1/2 feet. >:(
      I also love the Lazy River because of the music that is played about every 5 minutes, ever reminding me/us of the awesome deal my dad struck with Keith, the owner at TH several coon's ages ago. Keith came to my dad to hire him to do some music for the attractions and instead of actual cash moneys my dad bargained for free season passes for his family. Over the years Keith and my pap have renewed this trade over and over again for new music for new attractions. "Goot trade" as my dad would put it. Thanks pop for the awesome family memories that we have made because of you awesome work.
      At the end of the day, Dave and I went down to the batting cages swingin' for long bombs away. Dave is to a baseball bat as Rev. Al Sharpton is to a microphone when he has the floor---insane. I wish there could be a zombie apocalypse just so I could watch dave go nuts with a bat. Incredible Dave, simply.
      Last but not least my favorite part of the dizay was when Brockton was flirting with Sophie Callister (well I can't say it was just Brock and I can't say that it was total flirting, maybe just straight-up being awesome friendly kids. You be the judge). Sophie was being the cute shy girl she can be and Brock couldn't say no. He would look at her and say "don't you smile", obviously Sophie would then smile and then Brock would put his hand on his forehead as if to say "there she goes again! Smiling right when I told her not to!" Classic.
       All this greatness followed up by watching the DVR'd BYUtv Weber/Y game. Such a great day.

Well, that wraps it up for me tonight. I love my beautiful wife, our beautiful growing-womb-dwelling baby, and all y'alls! A la prochaine!!!

Guy here, I might, on the occasion, post a blog or two, but I'll leave the professional blogging to my beautiful wife. By the way, Kels is looking more and more pregnant by the day. I'm learning that Kelsey looks gorgeous in any state. Pregnancy has been one more testimony.
      So we have been watching the Rep. and Dem. Conventions over the past couple weeks and it is as clear as ever that this election is not just yer regular, every four years, kind of election. America will be voting on two paths. One, we feel is very attractive, popular and "hip". The other is surely the "road less traveled." I hope anyone who reads this will feel of our, Kelsey, Roka and mine, appreciation for this wonderful country. It's that love that we have that is driving our desire for what is right and best for us. God Bless America. A la prochaine!

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