January 6, 2012 - Roka's Blessing Day

So grateful for my wonderful husband being able to bless sweet Roka!  All who were in the circle:

Grumps (Grandpa Raymond)
Papa (Grandpa Gibbons)
Dave Callister
Michael Gibbons
Eric Larsen
Luke Flinders
Ben Raymond
Justin Chidester
Dave ZoBell
Bishop Matthew Chidester

It was so fun to have family there!  My dad bore his testimony about Great-Grandpa Tingey (I'm pretty sure it was him... i'll have to double check) who served a mission in New Zealand and met a sweet Maori girl named Roka - named his daughter Roka, and now my baby is Roka!  Guy also bore a sweet testimony.  I love my family!  

We had crepes at the studio afterwards (thanks to my family members!  Namely Lucie, Momma Ray, Megan, Aymee, and Cha - and their spouses :).  Here are some of the decorations -

and here is the sweet pea herself.  Mimi (Lucie Gibbons) made her BEAUTIFUL flower she is wearing.  A great day to be thankful!

Roka Lee has so many nicknames like such as :

Tika (the twins - Lucie and Lily - can't say Roka, so they say Tika)
Roka Boca

can't think of the other ones.  i'll put them down when i remember.

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